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Piano Program

String Orchestra Program



The Piano class at John W. Moore Middle School is a quarterly class that is designed to teach students the beginning lto intermediate level skills of music note reading and music performance on the piano.  Students will learn how to play chords, scales, and short songs that are designed to develop the finger dexterity of the individual hands and also both hands simultaneously.

Students of all ability levels from beginning to advanced are encouraged to sign up for the class and the course will be geared to meet the needs of each individual student in the class. 

The school is equipped with a piano lab that features 18 digital music keyboards for individual instruction. Students are encouraged to have their own music keyboard or piano at home for practice. John W. Moore Middle School has some music keyboards that are available for check-out for the quarter to use at home. See Mr. Jackson

There are no formal concerts for piano class, but students should be prepared to participate in individual and group practice on the piano every day in the classroom. Students will be asked to record individual performances as the class progresses.

Contact Information

Mr. Mark Jackson

Orchestra, Piano, and Guitar Instructor

John W. Moore Middle School

If you have an interest in any of these courses, please contact Mr. Jackson at to discuss these program opportunities that I offer at John W. Moore MS.